The 15 Most Read Posts in 2014

As it seems many of us say at the end of each December, that year sure went by fast! In 2014 I wrote 108 blog posts (excluding this one!) and shared countless more charts and thoughts on Twitter and StockTwits. I’ve truly enjoyed connecting with many new traders and learning new things from all of you. As we close the book on another great year, here are the 15 most read posts in 2014:

1. Where Are We In the Business Cycle?

2. Being ‘Oversold’ or ‘Overbought’ Is Often Not Good Enough

3. The Best Traders in The World Miss Trades

4. Weekly Technical Market Outlook 7/21/2014

5. Dr. Copper Has Been Replaced

6. Weekly Technical Market Outlook 9/29/2014

7. Head & Shoulders Pattern in Small Caps

8. Weekly Technical Market Outlook 6/9/2014

9. Weekly Technical Market Outlook 7/28/2014

10. Market Stats, Fun Facts, and Why You Can Ignore Them

11. Using Sine Waves With Trend Analysis

12. Weekly Technical Market Outlook 12/15/2014

13. We Haven’t Seen A Market Top Yet

14. Weekly Technical Market Outlook 10/13/2014

15. Weekly Technical Market Outlook 9/15/2014

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About Andrew Thrasher, CMT

Andrew Thrasher, CMT is a Portfolio Manager for an asset management firm in Central Indiana. He specializes and writes about technical analysis as well as macro economic developments.