Charles H. Dow Award

I’m extremely honored to announce that I’ve won the 2017 Charles H. Dow Award given by the Market Technicians Association (MTA). The Dow Award is given by the MTA for research completed that’s helped advance the study of technical analysis and has been received by many authors and money managers I greatly admire. My research paper, “Forecasting A Volatility Tsunami,” which takes a unique look at market volatility will be released in several weeks and I’ll be sure to share it on the blog once it’s made public.While I completed the paper over six months ago, the topic and findings are quite pertinent during the current market environment.

After joining the MTA and earning my Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation several years ago, it was a professional goal of mine to complete a piece of research that was worthy of receiving the Charles H. Dow Award. I consider it a great honor to have my work acknowledged and I look forward to the feedback it gets by those I respect in our industry.

From the Market Technicians Association:

In 1994 the MTA established the Charles H. Dow award to highlight outstanding research in technical analysis. The Award has received over 160 submissions, and recognized 17 papers for their excellence. Of the 21 authors/coauthors who have won, eight have gone on to publish books based on their submissions to the Charles H. Dow Award. Winners have presented at the MTA Annual Symposium, local chapter meetings, and participated in MTA podcasts and/or educational web-series.

Charles H. Dow Award (MTA)

2017 Market Technicians Association Symposium Press Release (MTA)

[Update: The research paper can now be downloaded at SSRN: Forecasting a Volatility Tsunami]

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